New here?

Thanks for visiting my blog. It was originally intended to be used as a way to get updates about my health out to family and friends. It has morphed into 1) a tool to help me emotionally and mentally process my diagnosis and treatment, and 2) hopefully an encouragement to others. We are reaching close to 200,000 visits to the blog- something we never dreamed would happen when initially sharing it with close family and friends.

Since there are now over 75 posts, and each one is longer than a true blog post actually should be, here are some of the key posts that should get you up to speed on what's been going on the last 6-7 months:

  1. Brad's announcement letter
  2. My 'first' post
  3. What is IBC?
  4. How this all got started
  5. The Facebook effect
  6. For Better, for Worse
  7. Welcome Baby David!
  8. Ideas of how to pray for us
  9. My initial staging
  10. Initial prognosis data
  11. My two cents on Pinktober
  12. Cancer grew thru chemo
  13. The hope of Christmas
  14. Clear PET scan
  15. Fundraiser results


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