Tuesday, September 9, 2014

David's Newborn Photos

When Noah was born we splurged on newborn photos (looking back at these, I really miss my hair!) and didn't regret the purchase one bit! We booked a newborn photographer months ago for David, not knowing how special the session would end up being. 

The day of the session we were a hot mess (when are we not a hot mess, really?). We opted for an in-home session vs. the studio thinking Noah might fare better being in his own element. You are supposed to do a list of things before the photographer arrives to prep for the session (like feed your baby, for instance). When the poor photographer rang the doorbell none of us were dressed, the baby was crying for food, the house looked like a tornado had just blown through, Noah was having a tantrum, and I didn't have any make up on. I opened the door (bald) and said, you know how you might picture life with two kids under 18 months and a mom with cancer might look like? Yeah, this is us right now. Thankfully the photographer was super patient and gave us a few minutes to get clothed/fed/ready.

Despite all the craziness, we did have a handful of photos turn out well. It is ridiculously hard to get a photo of all four of us right now but I think we had one turn out okay.

David is asking - "What crazy family have I just entered into??"

This is my favorite one from the session. I had originally requested this one thinking with my hair curled it might be pretty to have my hair all laid out nicely. The photographer remembered the request and suggested we still do it but with my scarf. I'm so glad we did. I think it really captures the deep, unexplainable peace that our family has right now in the midst of cancer+newborn.

These pictures really capture Noah's personality. He is a little entertainer and just lights up the room!

I love this picture of Brad with Noah. He is so fabulous with him. Noah adores his dad. Anything dad does he wants to do.

This is where my newborn photographer really shines. If we had done an in-studio session we would have had a lot more pictures of David in the cute curled up positions.

Love the detail pictures. Couldn't you just eat those little toes up??

Then one final outtake picture. Gotta love Noah's "surprise face".

We will cherish these pictures that capture this crazy and exciting time in our lives. 


  1. These are all so gorgeous Ashleigh!

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