Monday, February 23, 2015

Nostalgic Cache

Last October, a stranger reached out to me saying that our story had made its way to him and his wife, and God had laid it on their heart to bless us by offering what they do as a for-profit business, to us, completely for free.  Crazy, right?

So what do they do? God has blessed this couple, Andrea and Bennett, with the gift of storytelling. Imagine traditional annual family portraits from the 90's meets the video technology of 2015. Imagine the videos you save for posterity being artful: not two hours of Christmas-morning-present-unwrapping-that-no-one-wants-to-watch, or just a bunch of disjointed 30-second videos on your iPhone. Imagine a video that perfectly captures this moment in time of your family. Imagine a video that records the memories that you are always trying to close your eyes and remember forever, knowing that they will fade with time time.

This couple offered to do all of the work pro-bono, but they needed $650 to fly from their home in Tennessee to our home in Texas. They reached out to several of their family and friends and within minutes had the trip more than paid for. God was all over this.

We had an amazing weekend with them. They are the most precious couple you would ever want to meet. The Holy Spirit just radiates through them. 

The first of four videos from the weekend has now been published. I couldn't wait to get this posted so I could share with you how very talented this couple is.  We are thankful for the crazy generosity of Andrea and Bennett (and people in their network we don't even know). Brad, the boys, and I will treasure this beautiful snapshot of this season of life for forever.

Range Family from Nostalgic Cache.

If you or your family would like a similar video made, check out their website. They are ridiculously talented and just simply amazing people- you'll love working with them.


  1. What a beautiful video! Continued prayers.

  2. Wow! Beautiful. Prayers to you range family!!

  3. Lovely :) Definitely.

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