Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Journey with Breast Cancer Blog

Hello Friends & Family -

In an effort to keep those who are interested updated on my progress through treatments both physically and emotionally, Brad or I will be posting updates to this blog. You can subscribe to the blog if you want to be notified when there are updates. I'll most likely post to facebook when there are major changes or news to be shared as well. If you would like to share anything with our family, feel free to leave comments or send me a private message. I will always welcome encouragement, scripture, and prayers for me and my family during this time. I might ask too that you please do not forget Brad as he walks through this with me. He will also need lots of encouragement to make it through this journey.

I thank everyone in advance for their prayers and encouragement. I know God will be using you in an mighty and powerful way for me to feel His love through you.



  1. Blogging is an outstanding way to keep all of us in the wings up to speed with everything. Thank you so much. We love you!

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