Saturday, August 9, 2014

Five thoughts

  1. Wednesday was the first day I've spent the whole day in bed. This is partially due to the neulasta shot (the steroid shot that helps make my white blood counts recover faster) making me feel like a truck had hit me, and partially because I could. I only had to get up and feed David every 3 hours, but besides that I could just keep sleeping. It was pretty nice in a lot of ways. A very nice friend from church picked me up that evening and drove me to a girls event. It was good to get out of the house and put my attention on something other than cancer.
  2. Spent a long time reading this blog Tuesday night. The author lost her first child at 8 months old and the doctors couldn’t figure out what happened.  As if that isn't enough, her most recent post dealt with her husband going into hospice care after battling brain cancer for 5 years. I pretty much just sobbed and sobbed that night wondering if we will have a similar ending. From the little bit that I read, the author is an amazing Godly woman with incredible faith. For some reason, it hits closer to home when they are saying all the same stuff we say here on this blog, and then they have that ending. God chooses not to work a miracle in his life, but I still expect one in mine…tough to work all this out in my mind…
  3. Then I came across this blog later that evening- a PhD in astrophysics with IBC, two young kids, huge IBC advocate. Her last post was of her going into palliative care and then that was followed by her husband’s post of announcing her passing.
  4. Thank goodness I found this blog as the last one before going to bed that night – someone who had triple negative IBC and made it to the 5-year mark and is now “cured”. For some reason it is really comforting to know someone has made it before me.
  5. I don’t think I mentioned this on the blog, but I talked to a lot of people about expecting and praying for a “triple win” and then it all actually happened! The triple win was 1) David was born healthy and without a c-section, 2) My cancer responded to the first round chemo, and 3) The cancer has not metastasized. Pretty rockin’ how all of that worked out - all as timely answers to specific prayers.
*Blog post format credit: Liz S. :-)


  1. You are beyond amazing! My prayers continue for you, and your beautiful family, daily.

  2. You are the most amazing woman, mother, wife. Your smile still lights up the room, and the spirit of all who know you or read your blog. I am so encourage by your strength and your faith. Always know that God is in control of everything, he will never leave you or forsake you. Stay encouraged and positive, he hears all prayers. Sandra, your Dr Pepper Family


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