Thursday, August 14, 2014

Praises + Prayers (8/14)

+David is doing really well. He is a super easy baby and so much fun to cuddle with! 

+I had chest pain this past weekend that ended up being a relatively minor fix with medicine and seems to be getting better.

+The chest pain led to an X-ray that found an issue with my port a week before chemo so we have time to fix it to keep everything on schedule.

+I felt good emotionally today after being in a funk the last week or so. I’m having fun working on projects and getting the nursery finally put together.

Prayer Requests
+To have a pathological complete response (pCR) from the chemo. This round of chemo hasn’t seemed quite as effective as the last two have been. I haven’t felt my tumors shrink at all, in fact it seems like they may be growing. :-/ The next type of chemo (two rounds from now) needs to be outta this world to get rid of all the cancer before surgery. (FYI, found stats that only 14% of triple negative IBC patients have a complete response. So if I do have a pCR, it will be a miracle.)

+Wisdom for the doctors- Right now the doctors are debating about adding a more experimental drug (Carboplatin) into my regimen with the Taxol. It has shown to have good results with triple negative folks like me in a few studies. Please pray that God would give them wisdom to know whether or not to add it.

+My port has a kink or leak in it. I’m scheduled to have surgery on Friday to have it replaced. There is a chance they won’t have to replace it if there is an easy fix. Pray that either we don’t have to do surgery to fix it or that surgery would go smoothly and recovery would be very quick.

+Protection for my mind- that I would stay positive and continue having hope that I can and will make it!

In general, right now I'm praying that 1) the cancer would be eradicated from my body, 2) my other organs would be shielded from the cancer while we work to get it out of my breast/lymph nodes, and 3)  I would have peace during the process.

Thank you everyone for continuing to pray for me. 


  1. Ashleigh, I pray for you nightly. I am Harmonie Farrow's mom, and while I'm not suggesting my circumstances mirror yours, I too am battling breast cancer. Like you, I have great faith and have prayed for nothing more than the strength and grace to get through this. The peace of mind I have is directly related to the amount of control I am willing to release. I am a "Type A", successful business woman who felt she had the world by the tail. I believe my diagnosis was a deliberate course correction, which I have somehow embraced. Don't get me wrong, I've had my ups and downs through surgery, chemo and now onto radiation. But every day, I find a new reason for joy. I pray that you wake up each morning, expecting something wonderful to happen!

  2. Ashleigh,
    I am so encouraged by you faith and honesty. I speak from experience when I say health issues are extremely difficult to deal with, suddenly you have zero control of your life. I am humbled and encouraged by your grace.

    I want you to know that I am praying for you. God is in the miracle business, He can beat this!


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