Saturday, August 30, 2014


Just wanted to check in with folks. I've gotten some flack recently for not updating in awhile so here goes!

Trip to NYC was awesome and very refreshing. I have a post coming soon on the wedding and the weekend. Brad and I negotiated a new overnight feeding system and we both are feel like we are getting more sleep. Getting sleep is really crucial for me staying positive and keeping the right attitude about the situation we are in. It also helped that I haven't had any pain or fatigue this week. People can't believe that I have this terrible life-threatening cancer when they see me because they say I look so healthy. While I'm very thankful to be feeling so good, I am disappointed that the chemo didn't do more this round. I'd rather look/feel sick and the chemo be making huge strides in eliminating the cancer. The rounds of AC sorta went like this:

Round 1 - HUGE improvements, went from the breast being 3X the size of the other to being almost back to the normal size
Round 2 - Pretty good improvements, regained ground lost by putting three weeks between round 1 and 2
Round 3 - Stayed neutral, some progress made but then lost it in the days leading up to the next chemo
Round 4 - Lost some ground overall, tumors have actually grown this time

My oncologist has put in orders for 12 weekly rounds of Taxol with Carboplatin added in every 3 weeks. I'm pretty confident this is what MDAnderson will agree with doing next week. My doctor gave me two more studies from Germany and Japan with much improved results by adding the Carboplatin. She mentioned the phrase "throwing the kitchen sink" at the cancer. I'm all about it.

I want a pathological complete response so badly. If we don't get rid of all the cancer through chemo, I hate to think about the 3-6 weeks between chemo and surgery where the cancer comes back and is growing again. That would be pure torture. Lord, please let my cancer disappear with taxol and carboplatin!

The past two weeks I've noticed some pain in my eye, slight vision changes, and some headaches. These are all symptoms of brain mets so of course my thoughts go to more cancer. I asked my doctor for an MRI just to put my fears to rest. I had one done Thursday afternoon. The MRI is the one with a big tube they stick you in and tell you not to move for 40 minutes. They played Christian music for me which was nice.

My oncologist texted me thirty minutes before our appt the next day to tell me that the prelim report said that my brain was "unremarkable". Woohoo! Never been so excited to be called unremarkable! It was so nice of her to text me as soon as she knew. She said that she knows that even 30 minutes matters when finding out results like that. Also, tonight she texted me to let me know that my chemo would be at a different (further away) location so that I could have time to get a babysitter for longer. How considerate is she? Love her!

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are in town this weekend with my niece Julia who is three weeks older than David. We are looking forward to more relaxing this weekend before our trip down to Houston next week. Life is good!


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