Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Baby Dedication

Last Sunday David was dedicated at church. This is sort of the baptist version of a Catholic baptism. It is a time during the worship service where we dedicate David to the Lord, promise to raise him in a Christian home, and the church commits to help us in teaching David about Jesus.

It was a typical morning for our family, in that we were a hot mess.  First, we totally blew through a practice/meeting the church held the Wednesday before. It was technically on the calendar but it was midday Thursday before I realized we hadn't made it. Then the day of, we were supposed to meet the other parents participating in a room at 10:10am. Brad was teaching our Bible Fellowship Group class the first hour so we were late getting to the nursery area where we needed to pick up Noah and David from their classrooms.

When I went to pick up Noah, he was covered in water that apparently he had pretended to drink and then repeatedly spit out of his mouth. So Noah was soaking wet in his cute little outfit I had dressed him in. Someone tried to stick it in a dryer they had at the church so Noah was running around the church without a shirt on and his pants wet. Brad was still teaching so I was trying to pick up David from his class, wrangle my half-naked Noah, and get to the classroom where everyone was meeting (in heels, no less). Very nice childcare volunteers were helping me and kept asking me if I was okay. This might have looked crazy to them, but I'm totally used to it. My life is a circus!

The families moved from the room in the kids area to behind the stage in the sanctuary. By that point, Brad showed up, Noah's shirt came back (still wet), and we had David in tow. Someone had to wait with us and take us back separately. Then just moments before walking out on stage Noah tripped and face-planted on the floor. He was sobbing and getting snot/tears/slobber all over Brad's suit.

Miraculously, when we walked out Noah held it together and just stared out at the crowd, stunned (for once). He even stayed content with Brad holding him through the whole dedication - that is, until the prayer, at which point he decided he wanted down to go explore the band behind us.  Thankfully Brad was able to hang onto him, and not many folks saw him squirming since everyone in the congregation was praying.

Hallelujah! We got the baby dedicated!


  1. I'm so glad that David was dedicated successfully, and I love the picture! Even if that was the one moment when everything was working right, that's what pictures are for. Definitely tell Noah this story later though - pictures are for making everything look like it's working, and stories are for embarrassing your kids in front of anyone who will listen :)

  2. Praise God for the patience He gave you and the helpers He provided and it all came together for good. Beautiful photo!

  3. Yay, congrats! Yes, patience is a fruit of the spirit...

  4. This was hilarious and totally sounds like my life (minus the second baby). My 18 month old loves drooling her water out of her mouth and drenching herself, what is it with that?! Praise God for David's dedication :)


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