Sunday, October 19, 2014

Medical bills

I'm really cheap and hate spending money. For instance, last weekend I finally threw away my only pair of sandals that I have had for four years and were starting to "talk". AKA the sole had split apart and flopped when I flipped. Today at Michael's I was buying something that was $4 and I made sure I had a 40% coupon before purchasing it. Even though Brad likes to go to lunch each day, I eat at home as a way to save money. You get the idea.

bills, bills, bills
So it turns out when you have cancer, you get a lot of medical bills- 158 of them (in just the past three months) to be exact. This is (thankfully) my first time having a major medical condition and therefore my first time having a mountain of medical bills. It is very painful to be careful with one or two dollars at Micheal's but then have a $360 bill for a doctor's visit that simply has to be paid. I'd so much rather split that $360 into a million trips to TJ Maxx Home Goods or three stock-up trips to Wal-mart.

My insurance provider (soooo thankful for insurance!) allows me to download all my claims so I can analyze them (I barely have any data to analyze these days, gotta do something to keep my brain busy). I was able to compare how much the total cost for the treatments, surgeries, procedures have been versus what I've actually paid. It turns out I've only had to pay 2.92% of the total cost! Amazing! So instead of being focused on how much everything has cost me out of pocket (ouch!), I'm trying to focus on what a good deal I'm getting. 97% off! Whatadeal. haha

The craziest bill has to be for my shots that I take to help boost my immune system. It costs $10,000 for 20 tiny viles. Thankyouverymuch Amgen!
$500 for this!
I'm so thankful for work keeping me employed through short term disability and having insurance. I don't know how we would have been able to pay for everything without it! Everyone drink more Dr Pepper and Snapple!

[I had Bills, Bills, Bills in my head the whole time I was paying all of these bills. Check out Beyonce circa 1999!]


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