Monday, October 13, 2014

Quick Update

Hello blog world! It has been awhile since my last post. I have been busy living life- how fun is that?? I’ve enjoyed a fun couple of weeks and look forward to updating the blog with all we have been up to- Andy's wedding, week at the beach, high school girlfriends coming in town, airport trouble and lessons with a professional makeup artist!

On the cancer front, I was able to get chemo on the Monday before flying to North Carolina for my brother’s wedding. Thank you to everyone that prayed for that! My platelets and WBCs were both super high. They were so high that I asked the doctor to schedule the next chemo a week apart (like it is supposed to be administered). I went into the clinic today straight from the airport and....drum roll....was able to get chemo! Yay! I love me some chemo!!!

My energy this past week was surprisingly high despite getting the extra drug, Carboplatin, the Monday before the trip. The first time I got Taxol and Carboplatin I took 3-5 hour naps every day for a week. The week after this time I only took one nap and only for an hour.

I’m through phase one of chemo and have completed 5 out of 12 rounds of the second phase- but I can still feel tumors in my breast. It makes me wonder if a pCR is still possible with the eight remaining treatments. A while back I asked a researcher at MD Anderson to see if anyone with IBC, triple negative, and a high Ki-67 score ever “made it”. She only had data for women that didn’t have a pCR. The database returned three women with my same diagnosis- none of them made it past two years. As naïve as this probably sounds, I still have hope and believe that somehow God is going to heal me. I just honestly don’t see how He is going to do it. Maybe that is the definition of a miracle?

I'll be working on updating the blog more frequently over this next week. I appreciate everyone that has been keeping up with us and are still praying for my heeling. I reallllllly want to beat this! <3


  1. Full of hope for you too Asparagus! Prayers and Love.

  2. Well someone has to be the first! Three women is not a lot of data. I am still full of hope!!! Love and prayers, Rachel Hodge

    1. I knew someone would call me out on my ridiculously small sample size. ;-)


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