Wednesday, November 12, 2014


This is the first year that Noah has been semi-aware of Halloween. His school had a parade of costumes so we had to find him something to be for Halloween. I went the week-of to find something and the Target costumes were pretty picked over by that point. My friend (who was visiting from out-of-town) and I found an Elmo costume because Noah is OBSESSED with Elmo right now. However, once we got the costume home and tried it on, we found Noah didn't really fit in the costume (it was skin tight - picture Britney Spears' red leather outfit below) and he didn't want to put on the head- he just wanted to hug the head (since it looked like elmo).
On Halloween day I went back to Target and by then the costumes were REALLY picked over. I was searching the aisle with all the other delinquent parents that waited until the day-of to find their kid something to wear. I found a lion costume that looked like it might fit better. 
This actually turned out to be a really good costume since he knows "what a lion says". This is him roaring. Cute, right?
A friend sent David this monster sleeper in a Halloween-themed care package so David was a monster for half the day (being a monster is wonderfully out of character for him):

Since David is totally unaware of Halloween I wasn't planning on spending money on a costume. My friend that was in town insisted that he needed one and bought him this pumpkin costume. I have to admit, it too is pretty stinkin' cute:
Also in the Halloween care package was a pumpkin carving kit. I really wanted to carve a pumpkin this year for some reason. I bought one pumpkin mid-October but it rotted in a couple days. Halloween day rolled around and I found a new pumpkin and carved this baby up not minutes before the first trick-or-treaters came by. Better late than never!
For anyone that is under the delusion that we have our crap together, here's a video to set the record straight:
Not too much else to say about Halloween 2014. Until next year folks!


  1. LOVE Noah and David's costumes....and especially love your last little video....welcome to parenthood should be the title!!
    Praying <3!!

    The Adamsons
    Diane, David and MaryGrace
    (your mom's suitemate from nursing school)

  2. Your kids are adorable! I love seeing David as a pumpkin and Noah as a lion...makes my day :-)

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