Sunday, November 9, 2014

Praises + Prayers (11/9)

Update: I was unable to get chemo this morning (11/10) due to my platelets being 54 (needs to be >100). They have scheduled me to try again at the end of the week on Friday. Please pray that my numbers would cooperate and that I could get thru these last chemo rounds as quickly as possible. I need the chemo to be given as densely as possible so the cancer does not continue to mutate, become resistant, and continue to grow.

I haven't done a Praises/Prayers list in a while as things have been hitting a bit of a routine. As we approach some of the next steps, here is an updated list of things to pray for. Thank you to all of the prayer warriors that are pleading with God for my healing. I look forward to celebrating the miracles with you at David's 5th birthday party!

+ I've had an incredible amount of joy the last few months as the shock of the diagnosis has worn off and, as I mentioned, the routine of weekly chemo treatments has set in. I find my days pass by much too quickly and I relish each week that I feel healthy and strong. I take a lot of joy in my kids in the fun and cuddly stages that they are each in. I'm so thankful that instead of worrying about what the future might hold, I am able to focus on and celebrate each day, hour, and minute I have to live.

+ Over the past four months I have experienced essentially no symptoms from chemotherapy. I don't think many women taking the same type and amount of chemo I am can say that. My hair fell out, I get more fatigued than I used to, but I have had no nausea, no nueropathy, and no sleepless nights (except those from feeding a baby). The fatigue I have felt may be attributed in part to having two small children that require a teeny bit of energy and attention. :-)

+ I feel so supported and loved. The countless cards, flowers, and gifts, often times from complete strangers, have been a wonderful encouragement to me. I'm blown away by the number of people that have taken an active interest in our lives and have offered whatever they can to help us conquer this cancer. I'm thankful for the dozens of meals we have received and even though I've felt good, not worrying about cooking over the last four months has been amazing.

+ I'm thankful for the opportunity to share my faith with people that I might have not otherwise encountered. This trial in my life has given me a platform with which to glorify God. I continue to pray that He would be more glorified in my life than in my death. I hope you will pray that with me.

+ This week I'm playing musical chairs with some of my physicians at MD Anderson. I've requested to have some IBC specialists do my surgery and radiation. Please pray that God would guide the decisions on their side as they evaluate if that is possible or even helpful in my case.

+ Another logistical piece is finding housing for our family in Houston for radiation. I have a list of churches/organizations that offer free or subsidized short-term housing near MDA for people in similar situations. Please pray that God would open doors and that it would be easy to find a good place with a short commute (since I'm going there twice a day during high traffic times).

+ We only have four weeks left of chemo which sort of sounds like a good thing but I'm still pretty nervous that it won't be enough. I still feel tumors in my breast. I'm praying that they are just tumor beds (scar tissue from dead cancer cells). The lymph nodes that we could previously feel have all shrunk (praise!). I know that survival rates drop dramatically without a complete response. Please continue to pray that every single cancerous cell would be gone at the time of my surgery.

+ And finally, speaking of surgery, I would appreciate prayers that it would go smoothly and that I would handle the pain well (both emotional and physical pain). I'm nervous about how I will mentally handle losing my breasts. I'm trying to focus more on "I'm getting rid of the cancer" and less on "I'm losing my breasts" but I've heard from other IBC folks that it is painful to look in the mirror and see Frankenstein. This will be my first real major surgery. I'm nervous about the recovery, especially with two kids to continue taking care of. Also, prayers for the timing of the surgery. We will need to wait until my numbers are up and it is safe but I also have a bias towards it happening sooner rather than later. I've seen the pace at which my cancer grows when not on chemo and if anything is left after chemo, I'm very nervous to watch it grow again. If chemo goes as scheduled, 3 weeks out would make the surgery the week of Christmas, 4 weeks out would make it the week after Christmas. Prayers for the timing to work out well.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to pray for me. I know we serve a God that is more than powerful enough to heal me on this side of Heaven. 


  1. Keep your eyes on Him my friend. He'll get you through this. Amazing praise reports, here's to many more!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the update Ashleigh! I'm excited to see you guys this weekend.

  3. Ashley, so sorry that you are going through this. I will be praying for you and your family. Best, Barb Ardell (Jason's mom)

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