Monday, March 9, 2015

Day of Prayer and Fasting - March 12th

For those that have been with us since the beginning of all this craziness, you might remember one of my sorority sisters organized a day of prayer and fasting for our family back in July. Our church has organized another one for March 12th this week (thanks Lisa for the pic above! Note: the balloons are a reference to a vision that I have for 4ish years from now).

We will be back at MD Anderson this week on the 12th for meetings with my oncologist, surgeon, and radiation-oncologist. I honestly have no idea what the plan going forward is going to look like. It is actually a little exciting to see what they come up with for me!

There was a request for an extended list of prayer requests to help guide those that choose to pray and/or fast for us that day that you can find below. Brad wrote a note about fasting to explain it last time to those not familiar with the practice- you can read it here.

It is always fun for me to see who is praying for me (especially people that I don't even know!). There is a prayer map I keep pins in for all the locations where folks are praying. You can enter your info here.

Thank you for taking time to lift our family up. I believe God hears your prayers and is working a miracle in my life/body/cancer. Thank you!

Prayer Requests 

+Protection against circulating tumor cells landing and growing in any of my organs, bones, or cross lymph nodes/left breast - NO DISTANT METASTASES
+That I would be completely and totally healed of cancer- that every single cell would be destroyed through my cancer treatments- that I would get to live a long life serving my husband and kids
+My surgery and drain incisions would heal rapidly and without infection
+Wisdom for my team of doctors (oncologist, radiation-oncologist, surgeon) - that they would create the most optimal next steps for my treatment (start radiation, more chemo, chemo/radiation, something else/radiation, some other novel thing I've never even heard about, etc.)
+If we do go to radiation next, that the radiation team would create the best plan that maximizes cancer cell destruction while minimizing toxicities to my surrounding organs (particularly lung and heart)
+If we do go to radiation next, that the doctors would have wisdom on when to start it versus waiting for my wounds to heal more
+That I would handle the news of the surgical pathology report well - and that we get good news! 
+That I would not worry during this time of healing and being off chemo, that I would have no anxiety about the cancer spreading during this phase

+Brad would be healed of his bronchitis quickly
+Brad would have energy and health to do all that he has to do to keep the house running/kids alive
+Brad would be able to focus and do his best at work while working from home and soon working from Houston
+That my marriage would be protected from the stress that our current situation brings- that communication, service to one another, and love would be overflowing in our lives
+Noah and David would continue to grow, be happy, and healthy
+Noah and David would be unaffected by the changes in caregivers, schedules, and just the general chaos from a mom going through cancer treatments

+Strength and energy for those closest to our situation- that they would not get caregiver burnout (Parents-Jim & Bekke, Jane & Alan, Leadership of BFG, close friends, etc.)
+That blessings would be poured upon every person that has allowed me space mentally and physically to heal through: doing my dishes, laundry, getting my kids ready for bed, watched my kids from their house to allow me to rest, etc. etc. etc.
+That the logistics around the ever-moving target of my treatment would be worked out and that those helping us and providing housing would be understanding to our dynamic needs and schedule

+That the lives of those praying for me would be blessed through an improved prayer life, a strengthened relationship with Christ, and more spiritual awareness of the needs and hurts of those around them
+That my good friends (and people I don't know that read the blog) that do not currently believe in a God or Christianity, would see the miracles in my life as a testament to a living and loving God that wants to have a relationship with them, that opportunities would arise to have winsome conversations about what the Bible says life after death looks like
+That my thoughts, words, and actions would reflect Christ and have an impact on every single person I come in contact with, especially those I come in contact with through my hospital visits
+That God would use our family, my cancer, and our lives to be a ministry and that the ministry would be used in whatever way He sees fit


  1. praying all that and more in Jesus name- So Be It

  2. You have a beautiful family! I found your page through IBC network on facebook. Your diagnosis is exactly like mine. IBC, Stage 3, Triple Negative. In January I became a 5 year survivor! I pray you get to the milestone also. I just wanted to comment to give you a bit of hope on one of your prayer requests. I, too, had 2 small boys aged 4 yrs and 15 months at diagnosis. One of my biggest worries through treatment was that they would in someway be negatively affected by everything we were going through. I prayed about this and constantly asked for prayers for this. I want to tell you that they are now 9 and 6 and have absolutely no memory of anything. They don't remember one single bit! I prayed for you tonight.

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