Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Quick (totally shameless) question for the crowd: Does anyone have an "in" with Pentatonix?

We have tickets for their concert on March 29th at Verizon Theater in Dallas, TX. They are my absolute favorite group. We went to their concerts in Boston, MA and Allen, TX and they have been by far my favorite concerts I've ever been to. At the end of the concert I was ready for them to do the entire set over again. I bought their Christmas album this year and played it on repeat until my family finally begged me to play something different. Their music just never gets old to me.

Part of my obsession stems from the fact that Brad and I met through a cappella. Have you seen Pitch Perfect? It was like that- literally. I saw Brad sing at Georgia Tech while I was still a senior in high school. He was in the men's a cappella group- Sympathetic Vibrations. I told myself I had to get in the girls group so I could meet one of those guys. Sure enough, I got into the girl's group, Nothin' but Treble, met Brad and his gorgeous voice...and the rest, as they say, is history!

So now I'm hoping, wishing, praying that maybe I can meet Pentatonix when they are in town. Anyone have any ideas of how to try and make that happen??

Either way, it looks like I'm probably going to be alive March 29th (which I wasn't sure about when I booked the tickets), so I'll get to see them in concert even if it doesn't include getting to meet them! I can't wait!!!!!!



  1. Ashley, I have e-mailed as many people as I could find associated with Pentatonix. No idea if my message will reach any of them or tug at their hearts, but I had to try something! Praying that God will answer this wish for you.
    Nancy Watkins

  2. ahhhhomgihopeyoumeetthemiwillbesojealous

  3. Ashleigh- Kevin is a graduate of the Governors School for the Arts in Kentucky- a program operated by the Kentucky Center where I work. I'm going to email some people I work with who have a relationship with him and see if they can help! I'll email you if I hear back from them!

  4. Emailing their manager right now...

  5. Go Shane go!!! The manager's contact info is Jonathan Kalter from The MGMT Company Another email is I figure the more people that email, the better.


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