Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Life is Pretty Awesome

Where do I even begin this post today.......God, my family, and my friends are all SO AWESOME.

Recovery back in Dallas is going swimmingly. The pain meds prescribed to me are doing their job (as long as I remember to take them on schedule). The wounds seem to be healing as expected. My church family, family-family, and local friends have stepped up in out-of-this-world ways to care for my every need.

Thank you Lisa for watching my baby!!!
Here's my set-up in Dallas: each morning someone picks up David and cares for him in their home (since I can't lift David up to change his diaper, lay him down for naps- nothing). Brad takes Noah to school like normal. I'm home by myself blaring a cappella music, writing thank you notes, sleeping, taking pain meds, and generally being in my happy place (the pills help with that too). My mom is an RN and has been over during the day to help me with drains, moving around the house, getting cleaned up, etc. Someone delivers a healthy protein/fruit/veggie-packed dinner. Then the kids come back home after Brad finishes work. That's when another angel comes over and helps Brad with the kids' nighttime routines- eating, baths, getting ready for bed, cleaning up the kitchen, moving laundry along, etc. I've been napping the last few nights as I start to crash around 5/6pm.

Now do you agree?? My life is so stinkin' awesome right? All I have to focus on is resting, healing, and writing thank you notes for the millions of people that keep sending me awesome gifts!!! [Side note: if you've sent something and haven't received a thank you note, please let me know, I'm afraid sometimes things fall through the cracks or arrive without a packing slip and I don't know who to thank- so let me know! It will help me sleep better at night- you would be doing ME a favor if you let me know you haven't received a note yet.]

Today was especially awesome (I need to find a new word for awesome, but everything really is SO AWESOME). It snowed a million inches overnight (you know, a million for Dallas, stop laughing friends from Boston reading this!), and Noah's school was closed for the day. Brad had a bunch of work he had to do, and when you work remotely, the office isn't "shut down" and no one gives you a "snow day" from work. If I can't lift/take care of David, I REALLY can't lift/take care of Noah. We were sorta looking at each other last night thinking "we are so screwed for tomorrow". But guess what? The sweetest couple drove over in the snow in their truck, picked up BOTH kids and took them to their house to play for the day. Who does that?? On one of their few days off, them both getting off shifts as nurse and firefighter, coming to our house to care for our kids all day- that is the love of Jesus right there people. Seriously.
Reading to David while building a tent with Noah- mad skillz.
Building a snowman while taking care of our kids
Noah loves eating ice!

Then another really sweet aspect of all this is that I'm not coordinating any of these helpers. Another super sweet and ridiculously competent friend is handling all the volunteers and matching them up with the needs. She even sent me her spreadsheet she has going to make all this work.
Girl after my own <3
All that to say- my life rocks right now and I have ZERO to complain about.

Happy snow day to those in Dallas!


  1. God's great works never cease: He matched an Excel-loving friend to you!!!

  2. Ashely,

    How can we get in touch with your "super sweet and ridiculously competent friend" who is managing the logisitcs? Matt and I would love to help volunteer for something!


  3. God loves us completely. God does not look on the outward appearance. We are important to God because we are His children. He loves every one of us, even those who are broken or rejected. There is hope for us all no matter the situation that you are in.
    Faith Celebration center

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