Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Party

Brad and I offered to host our church group's Christmas party this year. Everyone kept asking me if I was really sure we wanted to take this on. They didn't even announce that it was at our place for a few weeks just in case we changed our mind (/came to our senses). They offered for the event to be potluck but I really wanted to cook for everyone as a thank you for all the class has done over the last year for our family. 

Knowing we would be out of town the weekend before the party Brad and I started decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween. I must have made a dozen trips to Hobby Lobby, Micheal's, Costco, and Walmart for decorations. My mom said I needed to be on a 12-step plan for my Christmas decoration addiction.

I planned the whole menu out with an excel file to boot. I went to Costco just for a planning trip to decide what to make and plan out the budget for it. I was SO excited. It was all I could think about the whole month of November. 

Then I wound up in the hospital with the flu, and my family got the flu, and my chemo day got moved to the day of the party. Talk about being bummed. Even the doctors at the hospital heard about my Christmas party and were working on getting me well in time to still host it. 

The leaders of the group called me all week begging me to call it off, that everyone would understand, no one wanted to get me more sick as I tried to run around getting everything ready. I finally conceded that I couldn't cook everything since I was getting chemo the day of the party, but Brad and I still really, really wanted to host it. We had just worked too hard getting the house ready for the party. 

In an email to the class leadership I said doing this party was like the Make a Wish foundation- my wish was to host a Christmas party!

This is how awesome our church group is- they rallied around me and essentially threw the party for me. I sent out a list of things that still needed to happen and they made it happen. All I had to do on Friday was show up (granted, at my own house). People brought food and drinks, paper plates and cups, friends came over after I got home from chemo and decorated my Christmas tree and the house. Someone even bought White Elephant gifts so Brad and I could participate in the gift exchange. It was incredible!

And you know what? The party turned out way better than if I had tried to pull it all off on my own. People picked up to-do's that fit their strengths and really nailed all the details of the party. Everyone seemed to have a great time and I was completely stress-free. 

Do you think it is too early to start planning for Christmas Party 2015? ;-)

Thank you to Lisa for taking all these photos at the party!
Brad did an awesome job on the lights!
My team of "elves"! They were the magic that made the party happen!!
Janice sent this beautiful arrangement!
The Ranges sent an arrangement too!
Love my Lands End stockings. They look like Grandma knit them!
What a good looking group!

They look good even while being silly!
Happy Birthday Jamie!
Thanks for spending the day with me and decorating my tree!!

Love my handsome husband. Doesn't he look dapper?
This Christmas tree was naked about four hours before the party started!


  1. You are amazing! You some how accomplish things people with no obstacle can not accomplish. You had the flu, had two kids with the flu, had chemo that day, had your house ready, had no voice, and some how you hosted a party for what looks like 30++ people and some how had energy to do it all. I can not imagine dealing with one of those task or issues all alone.

  2. So much christmas spirit! it's really heart warming. best wishes fora restful christmas now :)

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