Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hair Update

Let's talk about hair!

New Wig

I was working on getting my wig reimbursed by insurance and needed to get a copy of the receipt. I stopped by the wig shop on the way home from chemo one day and found a super fun wig on the clearance rack. The wig is way more like my old hair and even has a little red in it. I feel much more like myself when I'm in it.

Hair Growing Back

Look how funky I am
My hair is starting to really grow back in. I can't imagine how much it is going to grow once I stop the chemo. It looks about like my old color and texture so far, which I'm really happy about. I even got complemented on my very avaunt-guarde "haircut" the other day at Hobby Lobby. It will be awhile until I can go get a real haircut and style but in the meantime it is fun having something on my head.

I'm trying not to get too attached to it in case I have to go on more chemo before or after surgery (a distinct possibility). I'll be bummed to lose it again if that happens but happy that we still have options to try.

Beautiful Lengths
Before all my hair fell out, I got my hair chopped off to give to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths. I've given twice before to Locks of Love but those wigs are for children's wigs. Pantene's goes to adults too. It has taken a bunch of months but I finally got that in the mail. Yay for real hair wigs for folks.


  1. You look so beautiful!

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