Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Praises + Prayers (12/17)

+ I have the best medical team on my case in the world. No one knows better how to treat me than the IBC clinic at MDA and no one cares more deeply for me than my oncologist at UT Southwestern.
+ I have the most loving and emotionally supportive husband in the world. Not only has he stuck by my side when many men might run, he continues to love me so deeply and so well. I feel like I can face anything, including this current trial, with him by my side.
+ I have really amazing kids. David continues to grow and be healthy and seems to get cuter by the day. Noah has the best personality- so sweet, loving, and entertaining. I love both of them more than words can describe.
+ My parents are amazing and live in the same city as me. I'm so thankful to be in the same city as my parents. There is no way we could handle all the treatments logistically without my folks being an extension of us.

+ My PET scan would come back negative for metastatic cancer and that I would continue to have a shot (if even ever so slim of one) at being "cured".
+ I would be able to get chemo on Friday and that it would be massively effective against the cancer waging a war on my body.
+ Despite the 0-5% chance I have at surviving now, that I would continue to stay positive, hopeful, and have peace and joy.
+ Brad, my parents, and close friends would be given the grace to handle the bad news and cope well with it. 


  1. We will keep praying. Stay positive. You will beat this. Your a very strong women.

    God Bless,
    Christa S

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