Monday, December 8, 2014

Praises + Prayers (12/8)

My apologies for not posting for awhile. I've had a busy/crazy/crazy-busy couple of weeks. I'll work on updating the blog over this next week. Here's hoping that this week is calmer than the last two have been!

+ Was able to host our church group's Christmas party due to some amazing support from my friends. It was a huge bright spot for me.
+ Almost done with this regimen of chemo- last treatment is scheduled for Friday
+ Was able to speak at a church's youth group about what we are experiencing - praise God for using our situation for His glory

+ David and I are still struggling to recover from having the flu last week. Prayers that I would regain my voice and that David would start feeling better. I really don't want this to turn into something more serious for either of us.
+ Chemo was delayed last week because of being sick. My tumor is back to growing again. Very, very scary to see it growing before my eyes, especially this late in chemo...not as hopeful for a pCR any longer. :-(
+ Prayers for the doctors to have wisdom on when to operate, whether or not to do more chemo, if more chemo, what to try, etc.
+ Prayers that the tumor(s) would not grow in the interim between chemo and surgery and that if they do grow that I will not spiral mentally
+ This is small, but I'm finally feeling the effects of 6 months of chemo - weird sleeping patterns, mouth sores, a little bit of neuropathy, general fatigue; prayers that I would have the stamina to finish chemo strong


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