Friday, July 25, 2014

Port Placement

Typically cancer patients receive chemo treatments through a medi-port. This allows the crazy chemicals to be more safely and easily administered. If one of my chemo drugs, Adriamycin, had gotten under my skin or in my muscle it would have been no bueno. (This is the crazy red one Brad referenced previously.) Part of the procedure to implant a medi-port involves using an x-ray machine. Because of this, I couldn't have it placed until after the delivery, so the past two chemo rounds have been through IVs in my arm. We did the second round intravenously so not to delay the second round any more than was necessary.

Today was my surgery to place the port. I honestly kept forgetting that I was having surgery with the week that my body has undergone- an epidural/pitocin for 12 hours/delivery, chemo injections, Neulasta shot (that really hit my body hard this week), and then surgery today. I feel my body crying "Uncle! Enough for one week!".

But all that to say, today went swimmingly! Thank you to everyone that prayed for a smooth surgery and quick recovery. I was on the floor with Noah playing with toys and changing diapers/feeding David by this evening. My surgeon was awesome. She called last night to see if I had any questions and check-in with how I was feeling after delivery and chemo. She always makes me feel so good and gives me so much hope!

We are thankful for yet another answered prayer. Next week should be more low-key (at least to my body) with Noah/David doctor appointments, newborn photos, genetic counseling (BRCA testing), and a check-up with my oncologist...and probably labs (there are always labs, but they will be much easier now with my port!).

Thanks again for the continued prayers. <3


  1. You are a Rock Star! Our family is keeping up the prayers for yours.


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