Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WBC Update

Your prayers have worked again! I essentially "nadir-ed" for about two seconds because I got a call from my onocologist tonight that my WBCs have soared past the minimum threshold for starting delivery. After some debate about starting tonight versus tomorrow, the doctors and I decided on starting the process tonight and inducing tomorrow morning.

I absolutely love babies. Within moments of delivering Noah I exclaimed that I would do labor all over again tomorrow! In fact we have a video of me skyping with my brother from the hospital saying that I wanted another baby in probably 15-18 months from then. I have loved being a mom to Noah. A few years ago I might have told you I wasn't really that interested in having kids. I honestly didn't think it sounded all that fun. But the baby bug bit me and I wanted Noah so badly that I couldn't wait to graduate from school to have him! Then Noah was so much fun I figured having two kids would be twice the fun! I feel so fortunate that we were able to get pregnant twice. With the many friends in our lives that have struggled with infertility, I know very acutely not to take this for granted.

Please pray that we will have a safe, healthy baby delivered quickly without a c-section or risk for infection. Also, pray that we will be able to enjoy and savor this joyous moment without the cloud of cancer over us or nervousness about the scans that await on the other side.

I can't wait to cuddle, love on and be a mom to David. I can't wait to meet him. <3


  1. Love from Craig and Pam Sindorf

  2. Yeah!!! So excited for baby David! No doubt you'll be a rock star in the delivery room! Definitely praying for you all :)

  3. Hi Ashleigh!
    I am so inspired by your strength, peace, and faith in our loving God. God is always working behind the scenes in our lives, and what may look like a "setback" becomes a "setup" for great blessings. "And the Lord blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning," - Job 42:12.
    The enemy did not have the last say in Job's life. God did. Let's remember that Job reaped a lifetime of blessings from a season of distress. I do know that God is doing the same for you!
    My prayers and love are with you and your beautiful family!
    Timeka Haley

  4. Ashleigh and Brad,
    So happy that David has arrived (as announced by your dad) and is happy and healthy. We stand with you in prayer, and wait for tomorrow, as you proceed..... and continue on this healing path...IN JESUS NAME. God bless you all, we are praying!

    The Adamsons
    Diane, David and MaryGrace
    (your mom's roomie in nursing school!)

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