Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thank you

Thank you to the literally hundreds of people that prayed and fasted for my family and for my healing yesterday. It was fun getting to see the locations where folks are praying all across the US and even across the world! It was an incredible blessing to read uplifting prayer after prayer- many of which brought me to tears. It was hard to believe how many of you care so much about me, and yet we’ve never even met. I was so encouraged yesterday. Thank you.

I find it surprising that after all the dread about “the scans” over the last month I feel complete and total peace about tomorrow. I do not have a single ounce of worry about what my oncologist will tell me. I believe this is directly related to the prayers being lifted up for me all day long yesterday. Again, thank you.

I’m excited to see the miracles that God will perform through this journey and I am thankful for the countless prayer warriors that have come alongside our family to battle this with us. Thank you.

[Note: I will continue checking the “Prayer Map” form and adding pins to the wall map. So keep those entries coming- they are a wonderful encouragement to my family and to me!]


  1. Range Family,
    Jordan and Marjie shared your story with us also a few weeks back and we want you to know we'll continue to "tug at Pops's pant leg" (from E. Asia, so it may be the other pant leg) with you and everyone else. We're thankful to Pop's for your newest sweet baby's great health! We're begging for our Father to blow people's minds/hearts of His awesome power in giving you exactly what you need at just the right time. We're asking for complete healing for you, Ashleigh, strength, peace, and joy (we loved your request to keep things fun in this serious time) for your entire family. What a witness and what privilege to join you in pryr. We'll be here in the trenches with you.
    much grateful love,
    the Barnette's
    p.s. If we can be dropped on "the map" even though we live outside the US then let us know! There's a group here who cares for you.

  2. We want to see a picture of your map!! You are so very loved.


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